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Bengals To Hold Press Conference To Announce Plans For Georgetown And Training Camp

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One of the more unnoticed things that didn't go beyond the Enquirer's Joe Reedy is that through the past 24 hours, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis hasn't been available for any sort of statement or, well anything. It would seem only logical that Lewis would say something, right? Then again, the team did release a statement forecasting the lockout's end about four days before it actually ended.

Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan said that Bengals owner Mike Brown and Lewis will be on hand for an 11:30 a.m. press conference Tuesday to publicize the team's plans to "arrive at Georgetown and start training camp" and we imagine answer questions about the past couple of days.

The city of Georgetown, which benefits with an injection of almost $3 million into its economy, is relieved that the lockout is over and training camp will return.

"I'm sure the city in general has just breathed a sigh of relief," Georgetown Mayor Everette Varney said. "If they didn't come, it would have been a huge hit for the college. Not only the revenue, but the recognition of having Georgetown's name on the national spotlight."