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Day Two: Negotiations With Free Agents And Signing Draft Picks And Undrafted Free Agents

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The Oakland Raiders haven't signed any and the New York Jets signed tight end Josh Baker. Those are the only two teams that have signed as many or less undrafted free agents as the Cincinnati Bengals through last night's evening hours until the moment of this posting. And as of this posting, the Ravens have signed nine undrafted free agents, with the Steelers signing seven and the Browns picking up five.

That doesn't mean the Bengals will stand firm with only one undrafted free agent signing, and there's a pretty good chance that since the Bengals organization has no interest in communicating with their fans or the media, announcements will be made when those names touch the dotted line. In the meantime we'll have to read into independent sources.

And by signings, we simply mean agreements because actual signatures on contracts aren't allowed until Tuesday morning. Maybe that's when the Bengals thought they could make moves, even though they did reportedly acquire Kent State safety Brian Lainhart, who grew up in Cincinnati cheering on the Bengals.

According to the league's schedule, the Bengals can come to agreements with all rookies and undrafted free agents, all of which starts Thursday at 10 a.m. Teams can also start negotiating with all free agents, though they can't sign until Friday, July 29. Signed players are allowed into team facilities today and the league's trading period begins.

You thought yesterday was busy. Just wait until the rest of this week plays out.

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