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Might As Well Cross DeAngelo Williams Off Your List

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It's entirely possible that the Cincinnati Bengals could go outside for help at running back, going so far as to replace Cedric Benson with a high profile running back due to Benson's pending assault charges and his disappointing 2010 campaign. Of the free agent running backs, one you can probably cross off the list is Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams, often regarded as the best free agent running back on the market.

According to PFT, Williams is expected to meet with the Panthers and would like to stay with Carolina.

“I honestly and truly want to stay a Carolina Panther and they’re doing their part of keep me a Carolina Panther,” Williams said Monday via Steve Reed of the Gaston Gazette. “So I’m very excited about that. Carolina gets the first stab at me.”

While the Bengals could use help at the position, we don't expect the team to go for the big-name free agents this year. That's not insider information. That's just historical fact, observing this team for the years that we've observed them, largely made up with the same management structure for the past 20 years.

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