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Bengals Offensive Tackle Andre Smith Down To 338 Pounds

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Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith has dropped so much weight that you might do a double-take when reading his weight. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the third-year veteran claims that he's down to 338 pounds, three pounds short of his goal of 335 once camp starts later this week. I can't say anything other than, that's amazing.

Smith has spent his first two seasons dealing with a foot injury with the general belief that his work ethic absolutely sucks. During the offseason Smith dedicated himself to losing weight and being in better shape to prevent future injuries. Smith even told Andrew Whitworth that it's time for him to step up.

During mid-June player-only workouts, observers believed he was well below 350 pounds. Smith credited the weight loss to simple nutrition.

"I’ve been working on nutrition and getting healthy. That’s been the major focus and it’s been going real well. I love where my weight is right now. I’ve dropped a bunch and it’s a lot less than it was at training camp last year."

Smith is a virtual lock to start at right tackle this season, provided he's fully recovered from his foot injuries and remains healthy this season. But that goes without saying. I'm still shocked -- 338. That's great!

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