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Mike Brown: We're Not Going To Reward Carson Palmer For Walking Away From Commitment

[Editor's Note: Naji is one of newest hires to the CincyJungle family. If not for the crazy kickoff to Monday's news and transactions, a more formal announcement would have come first; which is still coming. So be nice.]

Bengals owner Mike Brown and Head Coach Marvin Lewis held a press conference today at Paul Brown Stadium, making some definitive remarks regarding quarterback Carson Palmer. Mike Brown had this to say:

"He has retired. I wish him well. If he is going to walk away from his commitment, we're not going to reward it."

Brown's words make it pretty clear; the Bengals are moving on from Carson and have no plans to trade him. This does not mean that the Bengals will not have a veteran quarterback on the roster once the season starts. When prompted about the chances of signing a veteran quarterback, Marvin expressed that signing a veteran at the quarterback position is something that they desire. He did not specify however, if he was looking for the veteran quarterback to start, or to merely mentor rookie Andy Dalton.

This coincides with the earlier report of the Bengals being interested in quarterbacks Jim Sorgi and Bruce Gradkowski.

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