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Marvin Lewis Interview on NFL Network

Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis appeared on the NFL Network this afternoon where he covered some hot topic issues. Not surprisingly, the first topic to come up was Carson Palmer's future with the team. Marvin stressed that the teams stance on Carson has been consistent all along and they are moving forward with the belief that he will retire.

The conversation naturally steered towards Andy Dalton and Marvin once again stated that he was anxious to begin working with the rookie quarterback. Marvin believes that Andy can be successful as a starter in his first year due to his track record of taking care of the football, showing great command of the offense, and being a strong leader.

Marvin also touched upon A.J. Green and why they chose him with their first overall pick. A.J. was one of the Bengals highest rated prospects and they believe him to be the total package at the wide receiver position. Marvin also expects Chad Ochocinco to report to camp, since he is still under contract.

Finally, Marvin touched up free agents, and mentioned that he always likes to re-sign his own players. He specifically mentioned his desire to resign running back Cedric Benson and Cornerback Jonathan Joseph.

All in all, Marvin came across as genuinely excited for football and seems excited to get to work.

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