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List Of Undrafted Free Agents Signed By The Cincinnati Bengals

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During his press conference earlier on Tuesday, Marvin Lewis admitted that the team had "about a dozen" commitments from undrafted free agents. As of this posting, by our count the Cincinnati Bengals have signed 11 so far, starting with Brian Lainhart Monday night with another 10 reportedly signed, or at the very least, linked to the Bengals on Tuesday.

Now we have to provide warning here. There's enough misinformation that filters around that causes enough hesitancy from old school bloggers like us to keep our readers fairly suspicious. Until the Bengals release an official list of undrafted free agent signings, we won't know the official total or the actual players until then.

That being said, here are the players that have reportedly signed, or be linked to, with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Player Position School Story
Brian Lainhart Safety Kent State Link
Keith Darbut Defensive End Baldwin-Wallace Link
Chris Riley Offensive Tackle Illinois State Link
Thomas Weber Place Kicker Arizona State Link
DeQuin Evans Defensive End Kentucky Link
Matt O'Donnell Offensive Lineman Queens University Link
Mark Wetterer Offensive Lineman Louisville Link
Bart Johnson Wide Receiver TCU Link
Stephen Franklin Linebacker Southern Illinois Link
Colin Cochart Tight End South Dakota State Link
Jonathan Williams Running Back ECU Link
James Griffin Running Back UMASS Link
Landon Cox Wide Receiver Northern Illinois Link
Lolomana Mikaele Defensive Tackle Arizona Link
Neal Dahlman Long-Snapper Bowling Green Link