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Real Football Talk with Brought to you by Art of Smiles Dentistry: July 26

Tonight's show was a good one. Not only were Dave Wellman, Joe Goodberry and I joined by Cincy Jungle's new writer, Anthony Cosenza, but we were also joined by numerous callers, young an old, from all over the country to ask us questions and comment on the team.

Thank you to everybody who called in, you made the show great. Please keep your calls coming.

Tonight we discussed the end of the lockout and the undrafted free agents that the Bengals signed. Joe even told a story about how he personally had something to do with the Bengals signing former Kentucky defensive end DeQuin Evans.

The four of us agreed that the most important free agent for the Bengals to re-sign is Johnathan Joseph and while we all agreed that re-signing Cedric Benson is important, we discussed the possibility of replacing Benson with guys like Willis McGahee and Marion Barber, who were both released from their teams once the lockout came to an end.

The callers kept us on our toes, asking questions and commenting on topics from the Carson Palmer situation to Mike Brown's role on the team. 

Before I tell you too much, here's this week's show. Enjoy.

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Again thanks to our callers and thanks to our sponsor, Art of Smiles Dentistry, transforming smiles into beautiful works of art. Call them at 513-367-4441, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for exclusive deals.