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Bengals Renew Focus On Re-Signing Cornerback Johnathan Joseph

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According to Geoff Hobson, the Cincinnati Bengals are making a renewed effort, with added focus to re-sign cornerback Johnathan Joseph. Along with calling Joseph's agent, the Bengals have also contacted the agents for linebacker Brandon Johnson and Jonathan Fanene. But obviously the sticking point, a point in the offseason that could be salvageable, is what happens with Joseph. The Bengals have, roughly, $35 million to spend to go north of the spending floor as per the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Besides setting cash aside for the rookie pool, possible extensions for established players heading into the final year under contract, the Bengals have literally no excuse for not signing Joseph to a contract.

Indications are Bengals have called agents for OLB Brandon Johnson and DL Jon Fanene,but focus appears to be on CB Johnathan Josephless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

The Bengals are allowed to contact agents, even agree verbally (or in principle) to a deal but can't actually sign players until Friday, July 29.

What's interesting is the lack of Cedric Benson on Hobson's tweet. Maybe it's a minor omission. Perhaps they're taking it easy with him, knowing that other teams won't push to sign him with the pending legal issues at his door. Either way, the Bengals top three free agent priorities are as we believed: Joseph, Brandon Johnson and Jonathan Fanene.