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Bengals Having Continued Discussions With Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski

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It's painfully clear that press conferences that feature Bengals owner Mike Brown and head coach Marvin Lewis at the same time is one of those things that's high on a list labeled, "Things To Avoid At Any Cost." And during their press conference Tuesday afternoon, Mike Brown admitted that he's not expecting to see Carson Palmer back. Brown also admitted that there will be "some teething problems" with Andy Dalton -- now that's the awesome encouragement an NFL looks for from their owner. Regardless, Lewis said during the press conference that a veteran quarterback is "something we will desire."

ESPN Senior Writer John Clayton spoke to 710 ESPN in Los Angeles on Monday that the Bengals are expected to come to an agreement with either Bruce Gradkowski or Jim Sorgi.

They've targeted these two veterans and even though they can't officially sign them until later in the week, I think they'll make an initial agreement for one of them to sign when they can."

Adam Schefter tweets Tuesday night that the Bengals have had continued contract discussions with Gradkowski.

On day Mike Brown insisted he will not trade Carson Palmer, Bengals continued contract discussions with former Raiders QB Bruce Gradkowski.less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply


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