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Cincinnati Bengals Interested in RB DeAngelo Williams

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So, is your head ready to explode yet? Our boy Geoff just tossed out this little nugget:

It's believed they also called on Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams

Williams, one of Pete P's top 20 free agents this year, would be a clear successor to Cedric Benson as the proverbial "bell-cow back" for the Cincinnati Bengals. Reports from earlier today had the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers as the primary suitors for Williams' services. But one has to think that Cincinnati's presumably run-focused offense (given rookie QB Andy Dalton) would hold a certain appeal.

The 28-year-old Williams only appeared in six games last year due to a mid-foot sprain but had 1,000-plus yards in the prior two seasons. Per early reports, he wanted to stay in Carolina.

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