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Cincinnati Bengals Contacted Agent For Cedric Benson

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As was posted on Tuesday night, the Cincinnati Bengals have contacted agents for cornerback Johnathan Joseph, linebacker Brandon Johnson and defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene. What wasn't so much promoted was that the Bengals also contacted the agent for running back Cedric Benson, who has two pending assault charges; one of which that could result in league discipline from the NFL.

They still look interested in re-signing Benson despite his arrest 10 days ago in Austin, Texas, for assault, but there are indications the Bengals think they might have to sign another back as well in case the league hands down discipline. They are still trying to get a handle on what Benson may face, if anything.

Along with the hopeful return of Brian Leonard, the Bengals have to rebuild the position to step in when/if Benson is unavailable due to violating the personal conduct policy. The team is reportedly showing interest in running back DeAngelo Williams, though that interest isn't believed to be serious with Chris Mortensen reporting that it's a two-team race between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. Brandon Jackson has reportedly interested the Bengals, though we're not sure if Jackson is that better of a solution and we wonder if he's Cedric Benson light, if he'd be worth the cost.

The Bengals have reportedly signed two undrafted free agent running backs in ECU's Jonathan Williams and Northeastern/UMASS running back James Griffin.