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Bengals Have Reached Out To Running Back Brian Leonard

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According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals have reached out to running back Brian Leonard, who is entering this free agency period as an unrestricted free agent. Leonard, traded to the Bengals for defensive tackle Orien Harris after the 2008 season, has spent the past two seasons with the Bengals, posting 145 yards rushing on 36 carries with 50 receptions for 354 yards receiving. He's scored one touchdown with the Bengals; a receiving touchdown against the Cleveland Browns on October 3, 2010.

Of his 29 total touches in 2010, 16 have come on third and fourth down.

Breakdown of Brian Leonard based on downs
DOWN Rushes Yards Rec. Yards TTD
First 2 6 8 45 1
Second 1 2 2 17 0
Third 3 1 9 63 0
Fourth 3 52 1 12 0
Total 9 61 20 137 1

Where Leonard really shines as a pass blocker, posting the best pass blocking scores amongst all Bengals running backs. With a Jay Gruden system that encourages running back participation in the passing game (think wheel routes), it only makes sense that the Bengals would want Leonard back.