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Undrafted Free Agent Matt O'Donnell "Ecstatic" About Signing With The Bengals

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The Bengals reportedly signed Matt O'Donnell, an undrafted free agent out of Queen's University, on Tuesday along with a handful of other free agents. The six-foot-10 giant that weighs 340 pounds has to be athletic enough if he actually accepted a workout with the Boston Celtics. Or maybe he's the replacement for Dennis Roland, another 6-foot-forever monster that signed into the NFL as a college free agent (Dallas). Unless he thoroughly impresses, O'Donnell would be one of those coveted Paul Alexander projects.

In the meantime, he's pretty excited about signing with the Bengals.

"It was definitely an ecstatic feeling," the 6-foot-10, 340- pound O'Donnell, sporting a Bengals hat, said just over an hour before flying to Cincy (OHIO?). Training camp opens in Georgetown, Ky. on Thursday.

"It's kind of hard to describe," O'Donnell added. "It was kind of like when we won the Vanier Cup (in 2009). You don't really know what to do, you just want to scream in the air."

Note: Bengals camp doesn't begin until Friday with the first practice on Saturday. And yes, Cincy is Ohio (that actually wasn't us).