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Place Your Bets: NFL Team Win Totals Released

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Now that the NFL lockout has come to an end, the Vegas oddsmakers have come out of their slumber. They were probably getting ready to start allowing people to bet on which players would get arrested first or which quarterback would have the funniest commercial, but now that football is back, they can start making money again.

MGM sportsbook was the first to release their NFL teams win totals. For the Bengals, they set the over/under at 7.5 games.

Not only is their over/under set at 7.5 games, which was actually a little surprising, the odds that they'll win more than 7.5 games is set, at least right now, for -120. For those of you who haven't tried putting your house up as collateral to the local bookmaker, -120 odds means that if you bet $120 on the bengals to win over 7.5 games and you're right, you would win $100 along with your original $120 bet.

So, at least for right now, Vegas oddsmakers believe that the Bengals could win more than 7.5 games. However, before you book the next flight for Sin City, here's a few things that you should keep in mind when betting on NFL totals, according to Steve Fezzik, the back-to-back winner of the Hilton SuperContest.

1. it's celar certain teams are going to have a big following. EVERYONE would bet on Detroit OVER 7 wins, if this was posted, but likely it comes just a bit higher. (Editor's Note: Detroit opened at 7.5 wins).

2. Quarterback uncertainties are HUGE right now. Who is going to play quarterback in Arizona? This is going to make for some headaches setting lines for certain teams.

3. Was Cam Newton a good choice for Carolina? The pro bettors will say "MY GOODNESS NO!" as Carolina will have the lowest season win over/under. But money will STILL pour on the under 5 if Newton is named the starter. How silly is Carolina going to feel after a 3-13 season with a disastrous Newton if they select Luck next year and then have to find some sucker to trade Newton to AND pay his contract. (Editor's Note: Carolina Opened at 4.5).

So, the Bengals have -120 odds to win more than 7.5 games. Any takers?