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Bengals Reportedly Linked To Bowling Green Long Snapper Neal Dahlman

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When you think of the Cincinnati Bengals, you obviously think that one area this team could desperately considering improvements is at long snapper. Alright. So we're somewhat kidding. After Brad St. Louis left due to a constant trend of erratic long snaps (aka, holyhotshitpancakes snaps are going everywhere!), mostly during place kicking situations, the Bengals signed Clark Harris and the issue of erratic special teams snaps (one of which landed in Colerain) ceased.

That being said, the Bengals need to keep adding players, which helps competition to build the best possible roster that the team is willing to pay for. According to NE Patriots Draft, the Bengals signed long-snapper Neal Dahlman out of Bowling Green.

And according to ESPN's Draft Tracker, Dahlman was rated as the sixth-best long snapper coming into the NFL draft -- they actually rated that.

While we actually joke about it, it's very important to have a consistent and accurate long-snapper on special teams. Those are the situations that many games come down to during the closing seconds. A good field goal is based on factors such as the hold and the snap itself. Without one of those, you can miss field goals because it disrupted the place kickers timing, missed holds that leads to a rather funny picture of an undersized child running scared as hell from oversized defensive linemen charging through the line for a block. And just as importantly, a failed snap on punt teams dramatically changes the momentum of the game.

That being said, here's a Dahlman highlight film.