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Johnathan Joseph's "Decision" Could Be Announced Wednesday Night

Who does he think he is? LeBron? According to Senior Writer John Clayton, Bengals cornerback Johnathan Joseph could make his decision as soon as Wednesday night. Now that means the entire city of Cincinnati will have brown paper bags pressed against their lips, unable to breath, questioning themselves how a thin brown paper bag magically allows them to breathe recently used hot, dirty air with a hint of bad breath.

going on sports center in two minutes. Lots of action. stay tuned for possible J. Joseph decision tonightless than a minute ago via yoono Favorite Retweet Reply

(Jesus Christ... that has to be fixed!)

The decision is obvious. Where will he play in 2011 and beyond? Clayton himself has promoted Joseph returning to Cincinnati on multiple occasions, often using the logic that the Bengals are forced to spend a ton of money because they are so far under the cap. ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen threw the curveball that the Detroit Lions are serious enough to draw Joseph.

Either way, a decision made tonight will be a blessing because no matter the decision, we can move on. This coming from the guy that will force feed you every Carson Palmer update like a drill instructor.