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No Decision Wednesday Night: Joseph Waiting On Asomugha To Set Market For Cornerbacks

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ESPN Senior Writer John Clayton tweeted, no holy loving teased the hell out of us, that a decision regarding Johnathan Joseph could be made as soon as Wednesday night. An hour later John McClain tweeted that the Houston Texans are "working hard" to acquire either Johnathan Joseph or Nnamdi Asomugha.

Clayton updated that no decision will be made Wednesday night and that the holdup is on Asomugha to set the market price.

The holdup on Joseph is the wait for Nnamdi to set the market price. Everyone is in on all top cbs.less than a minute ago via yoono Favorite Retweet Reply

This could bode poorly for the Bengals. According to Len Pasqurelli the Bengals favor Leon Hall and are unlikely to bid on Joseph if the demand were to reach $8 million.