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A Different Story On A Bengals First Round Draft Pick

This time last year the Cincinnati Bengals were gearing up for training camp, the team was not close with to an agreement with their 2010 first round draft pick, tight end Jermaine Gresham, who was at one point one of four unsigned first round draft picks on Aug. 2, 2010. It was later on that day reports began surfacing of Cincinnati's five-year agreement with Gresham, who had already missed eight practices and five days worth of training camp. Yet he was the quickest first round pick by the Cincinnati Bengals to sign since Leon Hall in 2007, who missed only one practice during the first day of training camp.

Year Player Pick Length of Hold Out
2010 Jermaine Gresham 21st Held out 5 days.
2009 Andre Smith 6th Held out 30 days
2008 Keith Rivers 9th Held out 10 days
2007 Leon Hall 18th Missed a practice on the first day of Training Camp
2006 Johnathan Joseph 24th Signed first day of camp.
2005 David Pollack 17th Held out 19 days
2004 Chris Perry 26th Held out 11 days
2003 Carson Palmer 1st Signed two days before the NFL Draft.
2002 Levi Jones 10th Signed first day of camp
2001 Justin Smith 4th Signed one day before first regular season game.

With Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green being the league's fourth-overall draft pick during the 2011 NFL Draft, you can only imagine the trouble the Cincinnati Bengals will have signing him. The team's last fourth-round draft pick, Justin Smith, waited until the regular season and the next closest overall pick to Green, Andre Smith, sat out 30 days.

And customary to the Bengals historical tradition of first round draft picks holding out, along with Cincinnati's propensity to struggle during negotiations that tends to keep players out of the much-needed training camp...

A.J. Green and the Cincinnati Bengals have reportedly agreed to terms.

Alright. Moving on.