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Newest Bengals Running Back John Griffin Ready To Keep Playing Football

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The Cincinnati Bengals have yet to announce their undrafted free agent signings as of this posting. Reports linked undrafted free agents to the Bengals, and we've largely accepted those reports as gospel, which is in itself a risky proposition. Right now there's 15 reported signings by the Bengals; eight offensive players, five defensive players and two special teamers.

One of those players is running back John Griffin from UMASS and Northeastern University three years before that. ESPN blogger Brendan Hall writes about Griffin's career path that began at Oakmont high school.

His career at Oakmont is a unique story. Originally from Texas, where his father played for the Longhorns, Griffin moved to Westminster prior to his freshman year and made a name for himself in track and field, setting the school record in the 100-meter dash and also winning a state championship in the event. Griffin came out for the football team as a senior in 2006, after dabbling in the junior varsity as a freshman, and promptly shattered the Spartans' single-season records in total points scored and touchdowns (25). The Spartans went on to beat Frontier Regional in the Division 3 Super Bowl for their first Super Bowl title since 1984.

When asked how he feels about being signed by the Cincinnati Bengals, Griffin told the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, "I'm just excited to have another play to go and try to keep playing."

In his final two seasons in college football (one year at UMASS, the year before that at Northeastern), Griffin recorded 1,790 yards rushing, 10 touchdowns with a 4.8 yard/rush average. According to one draft analysis.

Griffin will likely go undrafted due to a lack of experience against quality programs, but he did play well in his only career game versus a Top 25 team. On Sept. 18 at No. 20 Michigan, Griffin rushed 17 times for 96 yards as the Minutemen nearly pulled off an upset before falling 42-37.

Anyone that can give Michigan fits is alright in our book.