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Mike Brown's Reaction To Carson Palmer Is Like A Lover Scorned

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Sorry. I’ll gladly pass up on the next Kenny Irons to see Palmer retire. He quit on me, paying Bengals consumer. I don’t get to quit. Even if I don’t pay for tickets, I’ll at the very least stare endlessly at my GameCast. I imagine it will be pretty difficult watching on TV this year.
- Tyler Grote filling in for Paul Daugherty in today's The Morning Line

Why is it that Mike Brown's approach to Carson Palmer feels like a high school drama? Boy breaks up with girl and girl exacts her deliciously evil revenge. Alright so maybe that's not just high school; every day life tends to deal with those things too. Yet it's applied here with such hardcore loyalty to principles that the Bengals have accumulated a winning percentage of .361 dating back to 1991.

Does Mike Brown want a draft pick, maybe two, to unload Palmer whose salary could come back to haunt the Bengals against the cap next season? No. The image of Mike Brown laughing in the dark, with a flashlight pressed against his chin is starting to give me horrifying nightmares.

What's wrong with just moving on? So what if Carson Palmer walks out on his commitment. Of course you don't want that, nor do you want to open the doors that invites future disgruntled players the opportunity to leave. Then again why would that open a single door? Just because Carson leaves, doesn't mean others will be allowed. It's not even the same circumstances we're accustomed to. Most of the complains from players to ownership is contract-related. Palmer just wants to get out of dodge.

If every team reaches their maximum training camp roster limit of 90 players, the Bengals will be one of 32 National Football League teams that will cut 1,184 people. No. The Bengals will be one of 32 National Football League teams that revoke their commitment; a hardcore Mike Brown principle. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to severe ties with his old relationship and enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. Like a vanilla frappuccino.