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Bengals WR Simpson: Palmer Quit On Us

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When Carson Palmer demanded a trade and threatened retirement if he didn't get what he wanted, he pitted Bengals fans against one another. One side was outraged and wrote Palmer off immediately and cursed the former quarterback for his crimes against Bengals Nation. The other side defended him, though, saying that they couldn't blame Palmer for making a personal choice to move away from a franchise that wouldn't do what it needed to win football games and his decision would likely further his career as an NFL quarterback.

What we haven't really heard a lot about is how his former teammates feel about his decisions. Sure we've heard the occasional "it is what it is" and "if he doesn't want to be here then we'll move on without him," but we haven't heard how they really felt.

Until now.

Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson said that there were a lot of people counting on Palmer and that he's sad that he has quit on his teammates, but that Jordan Palmer and Andy Dalton will step up in Carson's absence.

"I'm pretty sure Jordan or Andy is going to step up at quarterback," he said. "I told Jordan that it was time to stop living in his brother's shadow and make a name for himself. I'm going to back whatever quarterback that's under center regardless.

"It shouldn't be all about Carson, but about the team. There were a lot of people counting on him. I guess he's got his reasons for what he wants to do. I don't know what the inside scoop is on why he wants to leave but he's letting us down.

"I love Carson to death. The only way I can describe it is he quit on us. I know he made his money, and we're trying to make ours. It's sad that he's doing this and wants to quit on us. We need him. It's a messed up situation, but we're going to move on with or without him."


While many Bengals players haven't said anything about their feelings on the Carson Palmer situation, and if they have, they likely didn't say what they really felt, it's kind of refreshing to read about a Bengals player that isn't going to sugar coat how he feels, and it makes me wonder how many feel the same way.

That also makes me wonder if Palmer knows how his former teammates feel about what he did.

It looks like the Army of "Damn You Carson Palmer" just got another soldier.