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Bengals CB Adam Jones Passes His Physical

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Since we all watched the video of Adam Jones defending himself outside of a court house after his latest arrest in a neck brace, we not only got to worry if he would be suspended for a portion of the season (or more), but we also worried if he could medically play anyway.

When we learned that he had a second surgical procedure on his neck, which he injured in week seven last season and missed the rest of the year, we were even more concerned, and so were the Bengals, who have "serious reservations" about his recovery.

It seems, though, that we have all worried for no reason because, according to Jones via Twitter, his physical went great.!/REALPACMAN24/statuses/96667793688240128


This could be extremely good news for the Bengals. If Jones' legal problems go away and his neck is fully healed, he could be an extremely valuable player for the Bengals, especially if they are unable to re-sign Johnathan Joseph. If Joseph goes to a new team in the next couple days, I won't be happy but the sting will be lessened if a healthy and legal-problem-free Jones  plays opposite of Leon Hall in 2011.

Then Jones and Hall will both be free agents after the 2011 season and we can all go through this again.

Can't wait!