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Waiver Wire Kicks Off: Is Chad Ochocinco The First To Go

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We don't like circulating rumors on things that might not come to pass, but we feel we have to acknowledge a rumor starting to circulate, and grow, that Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has been, or is about to be, released and is currently on his way to Boston (although he did tweet he's in his living room playing FIFA). Chad sent a direct message to one of our readers saying "media knows nothing but I'm going to enjoy clam chowder."

In truth this isn't idle speculation either. We've been speculating for months about Chad's unlikely future in Cincinnati. Mike Brown's growing frustration with Chad Ochocinco's off-the-field projects, along with his $6 million contract for far below expected production, leading to the overall belief the franchise's all-time wide receiver is heading out the door when the trade deadline comes and goes.

Which is right now. At 4 p.m. on Thursday, teams can release and waive players, which could be significant considering the Bengals may be in the market for players that are released from other teams. Antwan Odom is another possible cut by the Bengals.

This also generates the greater discussion that with Chad possibly leaving, along with Carson Palmer retiring, we've truly (and finally) moved on into a new era of Bengals football.