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Cincy Jungle on theScore's "Norm At Night"

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There has been a lot going on with the Bengals lately, and by a lot going on I mean some of the biggest changes in franchise history. The loss of our franchise quarterback, our all-time leading receiver and one of the best cornerbacks in the league is not only huge to us but it's interesting to people who aren't necessarily Bengals fans.

That's why Norman Rumack, the host of "Norm At Night" on theScore radio SIRIUS 158 asked me to join them late last night to discuss some of the big changes that the Bengals are going through.

He asked me a lot of questions including how long I thought it would take the Bengals to be good again, how the fans feel about the team right now, what has been and is the Bengals' biggest problem and if I thought there are some future stars on the team right now.

You can listen to the interview here.