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Join Us for Real Football Talk with Free Agency Special Brought to you by Art of Smiles Dentistry Noon Saturday

We usually wait for a week between podcasts, but holy crap a lot has happened. Our all-time leading receiver is now a Patriot and the most important free agent we needed to sign is now a Texan. On top of that we've signed a new linebacker and who the hell knows what the Bengals are going to do today.

So we would like to have a special show Saturday at noon to talk about the craziness that has been the Bengals in free agency. We'll call it our "Free Agency Special" (yeah.... we have specials now), and we'll be discussing the Chad Ochocinco trade, the Thomas Howard signing and allowing Johnathan Joseph to sign with the Texans. We'll also be discussing anything that happens from now to Saturday morning.

We'll analyze each one of these failed transactions as well as decide where the Bengals need to go from here. Remember, if you want to call in and share your thoughts about what the Bengals have done so far in free agency (keep in clean), feel free to call in at 661-449-9301 to tell us how you feel or ask us a question. If you would rather just sit back and listen, here's the link.

Also, we can't forget our sponsors. Remember to check out Art of Smiles Dentistry, transforming smiles into beautiful works of art. You can follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook or just give them a call at 513-367-4441.