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Charting Bengals Rookie Signings

Sometimes digging through all of our posts, trying to find a particular one can be a time consuming process. Trust us. We know. One of those storylines we're chasing on Friday includes agreements with their own draft players, while passing along any information of interest or signings of other free agents. Four draft picks reportedly signed on Thursday, with Clint Boling already in the mix, three signings remain; who are all expected to sign at some point Friday. We'll plug contract terms when they're available.

Unless otherwise noted, all contracts are four years.

Player Pos. School Total Bonus/Guar.
A.J. Green WR Georgia $19.68 M $12.81 M
Andy Dalton QB TCU    
Dontay Moch LB Nevada    
Clint Boling OG Georgia $2.52 M $448,000
Robert Sands S West Virginia Terms Not Avail.  
Ryan Whalen WR Stanford Terms Not Avail.  
Korey Lindsey DB Southern Ill. Terms Not Avail.  
Jay Finley RB Baylor    

[7.28.2001] Bengals sign A.J. Green | Signing bonus worth $12.81 million
[7.28.2011] Bengals agree to terms with WR Ryan Whalen
[7.28.2011] Bengals agree to terms with DB Robert Sands
[7.28.2011] Bengals agree to terms with DB Korey Lindsey
[7.29.2011] Bengals sign Clint Boling