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Adam Jones Placed On The Physically Unable To Perform List

Adam Jones made one hell of a play during one of the most exciting quarters of Bengals football last season. With over a minute left in the third quarter, the Bengals are foaming with momentum. Defensive stop. Three and out. Anything from the defense to stall the Falcons offense once more. Atlanta must have felt it, like the buffalo, wisely choosing a high percentage pass to get a little momentum back. At Cincinnati's 46-yard line, following an Eric Weems 55-yard kickoff return, Ryan takes a three-step drop and targets his favorite receiver towards the sidelines on the right. White catches the football after a quick-out pattern near the 38-yard line. Jones, forcing White to turn upfield, grips the football with both hands and yanks the football (along with White's towel) free. Jones recovers the football and sprints into the endzone to give the Bengals a 25-24 lead (failed two-point conversion) after a 22-point third quarter.

Later in the game during Atlanta's two-point conversion after the touchdown that regained the lead, away from the play, Jones collided with a wide receiver and collapsed. Suffering a neck injury on the play, Jones was immediately placed on Injured Reserve, which resulted in two neck procedures (the second to make sure everything was healing properly).

Everything was going fine until Jones was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He pled not guilty. Along with waiting for his trial, Jones could face league discipline by the Commissioner's Office for violating the Personal Conduct Policy while prosecutors in Las Vegas investigate the incident to see if he violated the terms of his probation.

In the meantime, the Bengals placed Jones on the Physically Unable to Perform list while he continues rehabilitation with his neck. It's not like the regular season version where he can't play for the first six weeks of the regular season; Jones can return to the field anytime once he's recovered and ready. This is merely an option to exclude his spot on the roster against the 90-man roster limit. With Johnathan Joseph leaving for the Houston Texans and the more recent release of Morgan Trent, the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback position is suddenly shocked into broken glass.