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Mike Zimmer Frustrated With The Loss Of Johnathan Joseph

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If you were to meet Mike Zimmer right now, you might think he was a member of the same frustrated Bengals nation as you or any one of us. The Bengals defensive coordinator is frustrated about losing cornerback Johnathan Joseph because he was under the impression that they'd get Joseph back.

His reaction feels dangerously close to an indirect comment against Bengals ownership (which would earn him the only three people that don't already love him today). 

"I was under the assumption in the conversations I've had since before the lockout that we were going to get him back. I was pretty much told we were going to get him back," Zimmer said. "It will be interesting to see what the next guy is. Whether he's here, or at training camp, or on the street somewhere, or if he's on another team, or Canada. Who knows? You have to find somebody out there and play and if we can't find a guy exactly what we're looking for, we'll have to alter some of the things we're looking to do."

"I'm upset, disappointed, frustrated," Zimmer said. "It's disappointing. You get good guys off the field, they work hard in the weight room and on the practice field and you kind of mold them what you want them to look like and they get out of here."

Joseph was rated as the team's best defensive player in free agency and the second-half of a cornerback duo that many considered as one of the best in the league. While we try not to judge one cornerback above the other, Leon Hall and Joseph as a tandem, and when healthy, complimented each other so well.

No one can blame Zimmer for his frustration. A major component of his defense left for Houston last night and now he has to figure out how to replace him.