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Cincinnati Enquirer: Mike Brown Most Disliked Sports Figure In Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Enquirer ran a poll for readers last week that asked who were the most disliked sports personalities in Cincinnati. Four of the top ten includes current or former St. Louis Cardinal players like Chris Carpenter, Jim Edmonds, Yadier Molina and Tony La Russa.

Brian Kelly, the former University of Cincinnati Bearcats head coach that bailed for Notre Dame, makes sense. As does Steelers personalities like Ben Roethlisberger and Hines Ward. We understand the general dislike for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and the Miami Heat's LeBron James, but there's no real connection from either to the Cincinnati area; therefore we wonder why they were even included in the poll.

But the most disliked sports personality in Cincinnati is (we would ask for a drum roll but we largely suspect that this person refused to actually by the drum sticks) Bengals president and owner, Mike Brown. What's surprising is that Brown took in only 388 of 904 votes with 24 people actually having a bigger dislike for Michael Vick. Maybe it's the dog thing, a vote against someone's corrupted moral compass.

Regardless, I'm sure 99% of you are nodding your heads in agreement to the Enquirer's results. But you won't be the only one wondering why 57% of the respondents thought the most disliked sports personality was someone other than Brown, who enjoys a stadium that you financed, producing the same tired post-season void as before.