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Clayton: After Bengals Release Odom, Trade Chad and Lose Palmer, They Have $49 Million of Cap Space

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With the release of A. Odom, trade of Chad O. and retirement of Carson Palmer, Bengals now have $49 M of cap room.less than a minute ago via yoono Favorite Retweet Reply

Wow. $49 million is a lot of money. Now, I'm not sure if that number factors in the new rookies' contracts and the couple free agents that the Bengals have signed, but either way, the Bengals have a lot of money to throw around -- probably a lot more money than most teams (because most teams' quarterbacks don't throw up the middle finger and walk away in the offseason).

Obviously, seeing this number will (and should) make Bengals fans seethe with anger over the fact that the team allowed Johnathan Joseph, who they desperately needed to re-sign, to leave for another team. If you have the money to make an offer that would keep your best players in your uniform, why not use it?

There has been enough ranting and raving over the fact that we lost Joseph to a team that goes 8-8 every year and, just like the Palmer debacle, you're going to get tired of being angry about it and we're going to get tired of writing about it. However, before I move on and put this mess in the "That Makes No Sense" file with the team's anti-trade Carson Palmer stance, Andrew Whitworth not being in the Pro Bowl and how a movie about a teenage vampire who sparkles in the sunlight could ever be popular, I would really like to know why this happened. I mean, we all really know why it happened, but I'd like to hear it from the man who makes the decisions.

Well, do you have an answer?


Okay, in the file it goes.