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Releasing Antwan Odom Was One Move That Made Sense

With all the hubbub about the Bengals having one of their worst offseason in recent memory, Cincinnati did make some moves that were well enough satisfactory. In response to Keith Rivers' unknown injury, they signed linebacker Thomas Howard. On Friday the team signed a big right guard in Deuce Lutui; a long-time starter with his former team the Arizona Cardinals. They have all of their draft picks signed and in camp.

Another good move was the release of Antwan Odom. While the move reportedly eliminated a $6.3 million cap number this year and saved the Bengals $2.9 million against the cap, it wasn't strictly financial.

After signing a five-year deal worth $29.5 million with $11.5 million in guaranteed money, Odom suffered a foot injury that forced him to miss the entire preseason on the first day of training camp in 2008. Odom would go on to play 12 games during the first year of his contract, missing four games with a shoulder injury and posting only three quarterback sacks.

At the time we were more forgiving for the lack of production, simply because his injuries we believed at the time, were limiting his performances. And we were rewarded with that patience early in the 2009 season, when Odom posted seven sacks through the first two regular season games, even tying a franchise record five quarterback sacks against the Green Bay Packers.

Then during the sixth game of the season against the Houston Texans, Odom suffered an Achilles injury, placed on Injured Reserve soon after. Season over.

And during the 2010 season, Odom played four of the first five games that season, missing week three against the Carolina Panthers with a wrist injury. Odom faced a suspension afterwards, missing four games for violating the league policy on performance enhancing substitutes. Odom would go on to play one more game for the season, being placed on Injured Reserve on December 2 with a wrist injury.

The inability to stay healthy, a four-game suspension because of a violation with performance enhancing substitutes and the money he signed for, all culminated with his release on Friday.

And that move was the one that made sense.