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Real Football Talk with Brought to you by Art of Smiles Dentistry Free Agency Edition: 7/30

Because of all the recent activity -- signing a veteran quarterback, trading the team's all-time leading receiver, signing a new linebacker and offensive lineman and allowing the team's most important free agent to walk out the front door -- we decided we needed to have a special edition podcast where we could talk about all of the moves the Bengals have made and to vent a little.

I was joined by contributors Joe Goodberry and Anthony Cosenza and we discussed our feelings on the Bengals losing Johnathan Joseph, trading Chad Ochocinco, signing Thomas Howard, Deuce Lutui as well as Bruce Gradkowski. We also discussed where the Bengals need to go from here and who they should look to sign. Before I give too much away, I'll let you listen for yourself.

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Thanks to everybody that called in with questions or comments or submitted questions via Twitter or BlogTalkRadio's chat. Keep the questions and comments coming, you only make the show better.

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