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Veterans of Cincinnati: Best Bengals Players To Wear No. 91-99 In Franchise History

For those of you that are newer to the site, every Saturday we've been putting together a list of the best Bengals players to wear every uniform number in franchise history. We've waged debates with No. 32 between Rudi Johnson and Cedric Benson and No. 85 between Chad Ochocinco and Isaac Curtis with many results that impact a reaction of "who is that?".

Announcing our final set of numbers, as if our timing is impeccable with training camp starting this weekend, might include some ridiculous announcements. For instance we selected Antwan Odom at No. 98, even though he could be considered one of the biggest free agent busts in recent memory. Yet he had one of the best games in franchise history, posting five sacks against the Green Bay Packers in 2009. Other times we're faced with simply a lack of options, such as Carlos Dunlap, who had a tremendously successful rookie season against only two players (Natu Tuatagaloa and Vaughn Booker) that wore the number for more than two seasons.

That being said, here's our final list, the best players that wore numbers 91-99 in franchise history.

Player Pos. Years
No. 91: Carl Zander LB 1985-1991
No. 92: John Copeland DL 1993-2000
No. 93: Rashad Jeanty LB 2006-2008
No. 94: Alfred Williams LB 1991-1994
No. 95: Steve Foley LB 1998-2002
No. 96: Carlos Dunlap DE 2010-Present
No. 97: John Thornton DL 2003-2008
No. 98: Antwan Odom DE 2008-2010
No. 99: Oliver Gibson DT 1999-2003