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Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski's History Against The AFC North

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After he signed a two-year contract with Cincinnati earlier this week, we wrote about Bruce Gradkowski's second career NFL start that led to a Bengals loss in 2006. Gradkowski has a 2-1 record against the Bengals. Now let's take a quick look on Gradkowski's history against the AFC North.

In four games against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Gradkowski has a career 33.9 passer rating, throwing seven interceptions with no touchdowns with a completion percentage of 52.2%. It's always important to note that a player's performance in four game, three of which come from different teams, are with personnel that are unlike the current team's makeup. Laughing as you may, Cincinnati does employ a talented group of young receivers on their current roster, including a tight end with a huge ceiling.

Gradkowski only played one game against the Baltimore Ravens, as a replacement to Chris Simms on September 9, 2006. By the time the Buccaneers played the Cleveland Browns on December 24, 2006, Tim Rattay replaced Gradkowski, who failed to throw a touchdown in four straight games with five interceptions. That was his only performance against the Browns.

Bruce Gradkowski against the Pittsburgh Steelers
Date Team Result Att Cmp Yrd TD INT
11.21.10 Oak L, 3-35 24 13 98 0 1
12.6.09 Oak W, 27-24 18 10 153 0 0
12.28.08 Cle L, 0-31 16 5 18 0 2
12.3.06 TB L, 3-20 34 20 175 0 3
      92 48 444 0 7