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Bengals Talking With Free Agent Running Backs, Including Cedric Benson

The Cincinnati Bengals have seven running backs on their roster during training camp this year. And none of them standout as a feature back that could carry the load 20-25 times a game. Cedric Benson was that guy for three seasons. Before that it was Rudi Johnson, with spot duties in between with guys like Kenny Watson, Bernard Scott and Larry Johnson. We would add Chris Perry, but... yea.

Along with Scott, the team's roster running back roster is comprised of Brian Leonard and Cedric Peerman from last season with rookies like Jay Finley, John Griffin, Steven Robinson and Jonathan Williams.

According to Geoff Hobson the Bengals are currently talking to free agent running backs, including Cedric Benson. Now if they're talking to running backs about future employment or the Federal government's path towards defaulting, remains unseen. We also wonder if the Bengals find a diamond among the undrafted free agents they've signed, if they couldn't navigate towards a running back by committee situation if they can't sign the free agent they want.