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Marvin Lewis Refuses To Call 2011 A Rebuilding Year

The Cincinnati Bengals are rebuilding. It's the only conclusion that's keeping my green rage of "Josh Smash" at bay. There's a lot of new moving parts; like a quarterback, new starting wide receivers from this point last year, possibly a running back. There's an entirely new linebacker crew with Rey Maualuga starting in a new position and Keith Rivers possibly injured through a good chunk of the first half. New starting cornerback opposite of Leon Hall, a new starting defensive end from this point last year replacing Antwan Odom.

And that doesn't even include an entirely new set of plays and philosophy for the offensive players that played from last year.

Again. Lots of new. Granted, new things invites uncertainty and that uncertainty in Cincinnati saturates with justifiable pessimism based off historical trends we've witnessed for the past 20 years.

Marvin Lewis said that the Nate Clements signing actually helped push the team "over the top" whereas others believe it's simply a rebuilding year. When told that, Lewis said.

"I don’t know. I think some would say we've changed for the positive. I said it in December it would be a new beginning. If things worked out and I were back here that I was going to do something that not many people get to do and start fresh again."

His point: "I think some would say we've changed for the positive."
Our translation: "Chad is so friggin' gone."

His point: "I said it in December it would be a new beginning."
Our translation: "I thought someone would have offered me a job."

We're just having a little fun.

In other completely unrelated news, the Bengals have yet to sell out a single game this year. But we're sure that has nothing to do with the refusal to call 2011 a rebuilding year.