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Interest In Former Bengals Lineman Stacy Andrews "Has Cooled"

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The Cincinnati Bengals were reportedly interested enough to have possibly contacted offensive lineman Stacy Andrews, who was released by the Seattle Seahawks Friday morning. Andrews played a variety positions with the Bengals, most notably left guard and right offensive tackle. Versatile offensive linemen is like a San Francisco gold rush to offensive line coach Paul Alexander and head coach Marvin Lewis. Andrews spent five seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals before signing six-year deal with Philadelphia worth $38.9 million on February 27, 2009. He spent one season with the Eagles before trading him for a lonely seventh-round pick on September 4, 2010 where he started 12 games with Seattle before being released several days ago.

Indications are interest has cooled on Stacy Andrewsless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

And thank god.

While playing with the Bengals in 2008, playing on a one-year franchise tag contract, Andrews allowed 10 quarterback sacks and 16 quarterback pressures.

In reality Cincinnati's interest in Andrews had to be on the level of establishing a core of backup players behind Andre Smith at right tackle and possibly Nate Livings at left guard. Cincinnati recently signed free agent guard Deuce Lutui to (most likely) backup Bobbie Williams at right guard.