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Deuce Lutui's Contract May Hint That He's The Favorite To Start At Left Guard

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Thanks to a fellow reader promoting the contract details, which we have confirmed through Roto, the deal that Bengals guard Deuce Lutui signed last week is a two-year deal worth $8.75 million, with $5 million due during his first year. In truth the deal tends to put a wrench in our speculation about how the team will utilize Lutui, but that's only dependant on the accuracy of RotoWorld's figures.

Starting every game at right guard throughout his career with the Arizona Cardinals, we assume he'll stay there as a backup to Bobbie Williams. But the truth is, a contract that pays $5 million in 2011 would promote the idea that Lutui would be a favorite to start on the left. Then again the way they ditched Mathis, an obvious improvement over Nate Livings, we're not exactly sure if $5 million is enough to sit Livings.

The Bengals generally take 9-10 offensive linemen into the regular season. Our sure-fire locks (barring injury) include guys like Andrew Whitworth, Kyle Cook, Bobbie Williams, Andre Smith and Anthony Collins. Clint Boling should be a lock, as should Lutui. Being as the team needs a backup center, Reggie Stephens would be a safe bet leaving at least one lineman to compete for a ninth spot. Which you know will probably be Livings; Dennis Roland if there's a tenth spot. Let's just hope that Marvin Lewis' starting from new belief applies to the final two spots.