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Bernard Scott Out During Sunday's Practice With Soreness

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According to Geoff Hobson of the mothership, Bengals running back Bernard Scott is out for Sunday's practice while resting soreness, forcing the team to use all undrafted free agents signed last week. Since Brian Leonard was a free agent signing, he can't practice with the team until next Thursday when the new league year officially begins.

Now soreness isn't the same as an injury, especially after the first practice of the season. Though it does remind us of the biggest concern when it comes to Bernard Scott. People often question why Scott can't be used primarily as a feature back, being that player to carry the football 20 times or more. It's always been about durability and until he can put those concerns to rest, it will always be about durability. During a three-game stretch in 2009, Scott ran the football 52 times for 239 yards rushing. However during that third game, Scott suffered a toe injury that knocked him out for the next three games.

Though that doesn't mean he can't be the most dynamic player in the backfield. Through his first two seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, Scott has participated during 15.2% of the team's offensive snaps. We would love Scott to have more touches on the field, and we're pretty sure the Bengals would to. But as Marvin Lewis said, he has to take that next step.

"I think Bernard has to take another step in development and maturity-wise, maturation physically and mentally and then, I don't know. I don't like when people set limits on people. He's a little slight. That speaks to maturing more physically. And your habits, maturing a little bit in your preparation. He certainly has great ability and we don't want to downplay that. Right now Ced (Benson) is one of those guys that we have at other spots that is unsigned. Now you're looking at Bernard Scott."