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Bengals Injury Report After Sunday

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As we pointed out in both of our Bernard Scott posts today, players suffering minor injuries early during training camp isn't unheard of. Players are beating against either for the first time, in most cases, since the last organized mini-camp. And even in those cases, there's limited collisions or even impacts that would generate much soreness to the degree training camp would.

That being said, a review of the team's health after Sunday.

Bernard Scott missed practice with what was originally called soreness, now described as a tight hamstring; he could miss a couple of practices. Tank Johnson sat with what's described as veteran rest because one Saturday evening practice was enough to tucker the defensive tackle out. Cornerback Jonathan Wade, who played opposite Leon Hall with the first team defense on Saturday, left practice Sunday with a shoulder injury after diving to the ground for the football. Fullback Fui Vakapuna also sat with a hamstring.

Cornerback Adam Jones and defensive tackle Pat Sims are on the Active PUP list while linebacker Keith Rivers will be out for some time. Cornerback Morgan Trent (knee) and offensive tackle Andre Smith (foot) missed a second day of practice. Both are still recovering from season-ending injuries last season, suffered during practice in mid-November. And of course Roddrick Muckelroy suffered a season-ending Achilles injury during practice Saturday night.