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Figuring Best Bengals Pass Rusher: Frostee Rucker Should Be Included In Discussions

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By adding another Pat Kirwan ranking, we must be adding another blasphemy, right? No, not this time. In another set of rankings, grouping the best pass rushers in groups of five, the Bengals were completely shutout. But unlike the ranking given to Johnathan Joseph and Andrew Whitworth, we completely agree with Kirwan on this one.

We can't include Robert Geathers, who has 10.5 quarterback sacks over the previous four seasons. The league's best pass rushers average a lot more than over two sacks per season. Antwan Odom has 11 quarterback sacks dating back to 2008. If we ditched the five-sack effort against the Green Bay Packers in 2009 (because we're magical like that), Odom has only posted six quarterback sacks during the other 21 games played with the Bengals.

Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap was "considered" in Kirwan's rankings and he should be. What also should be noted is that Carlos Dunlap posted all 9.5 quarterbacks sacks during the final eight games last season, along with at least a shared sack in six straight games.

And as we project the youth movement with Dunlap, Johnson and possibly Dontay Moch, one of the team's best pass rushers last year was defensive tackle Geno Atkins, producing 19 quarterback pressures which ranked third-most on the team. Yet, he did that with only 290 pass rushes.

However, if we take the total pass rushes by a player and figure the percentage of those pass rushes that results in a quarterback pressure, the team's best pass rusher, behind Dunlap's 9.5 quarterback sacks of course, is Frostee Rucker, adding a pressure on nearly 8% of his total pass rushing snaps.

Player Pass Rushes QB Pres. Pres. Pct. Hits Sacks
Frostee Rucker 138 11 7.97% 6 1
Geno Atkins 290 19 6.55% 7 3
Carlos Dunlap 216 11 5.09% 3 9.5
Michael Johnson 406 20 4.93% 5 2.5
Robert Geathers 450 21 4.67% 4 1
Pat Sims 187 8 4.28% 3 2.5
Domata Peko 290 9 3.10% 2 0.5