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Boston Herald: Chad Ochocinco May "Find A Way" To End Up In New England

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We still put the odds of Chad Ochocinco returning to the Bengals for the 2011 season at 50/50. The simple fact right now is, since Chad Ochocinco is signed through the 2011 Chad will play for the Bengals this season unless the organization releases him. Based on the roster with two rookie wide receivers, a second-year player combining with Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell, it's still possible the Bengals would feel more comfortable holding onto Chad Ochocinco as a contingency if Green takes time to develop; along with other receivers taking longer to adjust to Jay Gruden's freshly implemented offense.

Yet, heavy speculation remains that Ochocinco will not return to the Bengals for a number of reasons, which includes the organization's exhaustion with Chad's off the field antics and the perceived irreparable relationship between the receiver and Marvin Lewis, the Bengals head coach.

Another reason, perhaps the strongest of all, is that the organization likely doesn't want to pay over $6 million for a wide receiver averaging 5.2 receptions and 65.4 yards, per game, over the past three seasons.

If Chad is released, the Boston Herald's Ian R. Rapoport believes Chad could join the Patriots.

With Bill Belichick’s affection for him, Ochocinco may, in fact, find a way to end up in Foxboro.

Idle speculation, for sure. But justified speculation that includes the same journalist that interviewed Marvin Lewis back in January about a Chad Ochocinco/Bill Belichick union. During the interview in January, Rapoport asked Marvin Lewis about a tweet from Chad that he and Bill Belichick would be "epic" in New England. Lewis' response: "Belichick's smarter than that." Then Lewis went into his Lewis-like laugh.