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Bengals Early Bird Special

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Good morning everyone! I hope you all had an awesome Fourth of July. Hopefully it was filled with grilling out, fireworks, and not getting zapped with fireworks by your neighbors.

Alright so I'm tired of hearing about Carson Palmer and every so-called "expert" making their prediction that Palmer is as good as gone in Cincinnati. Don't we all know this by now? I'm pretty sure we all knew that as soon as he made his statement of if I'm not traded then I'm going to retire. It's not as if he ever really vocalized his rage against the organization in previous years, so I'm relatively certain that he's serious.

He finally sold his home in Indian Hill. I want to know who the hell paid $2.1 million for his home. His brother, Jordan Palmer is preparing for the season as if he's going to be the starter. Those are a couple of signs that Carson

If the season started today I might want Jordan starting instead of Andy Dalton, but I'm not entirely positive about that. I mean starting Dalton immediately could potential damage his development, whereas Jordan has at least taken some snaps under center during the regular season.

I would rather see Dalton develop as a quarterback and not be thrown into catastrophic explosion that would most likely be detrimental for his career. I mean we all saw what happened to Carson when he sat solely on the sideline as a spectator during his first year in the league. He was given time to learn the league which proved to be beneficial.

Now I know Carson didn't have the type of career that we all hoped for, but there's no denying that he was a solid quarterback, even superb at times. Maybe if the Bengals take this same approach with Dalton he will have a career that exceeds that of Carson's. But if the Bengals decide it's all or nothing then we could be looking at another Akili Smith in the making.

Alright here's a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Monday.
  • Frostee Rucker is working his way into the discussion as the Bengals best pass rusher. If he is indeed the "best pass rusher" on the team, then I think they should give him some more playing time.
  • If Brian Leonard is re-signed by the Bengals, then would that diminish Bernard Scott's role or playing time on the team? Re-sign Leonard! He's a good third down back to have on the team.
  • The Boston Herald's Ian R. Rapoport believes Chad Ochocinco could figure out a way to land in New England if he is released by the Bengals. Question is, would the Patriots be interested in Ochocinco if he's released?
  • If Johnathan Joseph does leave via free agency then expect Morgan Trent and Adam Jones to compete for the job. But if Joseph does leave then would the Bengals be tempted to sign another cornerback to replace him?
  • The question was brought up as whether fans over-value offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth. My new saying: Andrew Whitworth forever. Andre Smith never!
  • According to National Football Post, Terrell Owens leads the NFL with the most interceptions allowed as a targeted receiver. Well that is something that I don't like to hear, but then again I'm not terribly surprised.