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Could Forced Spending Push Bengals Owner Mike Brown to Hire a General Manager?

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The answer is obviously no, but if it was to happen, now is the time. It is being reported that NFL owners will be forced to spend around 95 percent of the salary cap in actual cash instead of the 86 percent they used to have to spend. This is largely viewed as  a good thing because it forces owners to spend their money in an effort to be competitive. 

Not only could the Bengals be competitive by being forced to spend a large amount of money that they could use to re-sign guys like Johnathan Joseph and Cedric Benson, but owner Mike Brown could possibly use that money to hire a general manager, which would satiate the decade-long demands of thousands of Bengals fans.

ESPN AFC North blogger James Walker writes on the subject:

The Bengals may want to hire a general manager. Cincinnati is known for making shaky personnel decision, and that will only be amplified with increased spending. I've made the case for years that it's more cost effective for the Bengals to pay a quality GM to make good decisions rather than save money at that position and have ownership make costly mistakes such as signing receiver Antonio Bryant. According to senior writer John Clayton, the Bengals have about $36 million in cap room and would have about $54 million available if embattled quarterback Carson Palmer ($11.5 million) and receiver Chad Ochocinco ($6.35 million) come off the books. A smart and talented GM could make that money go a long way. But don't expect the Bengals to view it that way.

Right. Don't expect the Bengals to view it that way at all.

Still, if there was going to be a time and event that would convince Brown to hire a GM, that event would be the fact that he has to spend at least 95 percent of the salary cap in actual cash and that time would be now. He would have the "disposable income" necessary to hire somebody to help him and Marvin Lewis avoid mistakes, like the Bryant signing, that could cost the team millions of dollars. 

Can you imagine it? If Mike Brown hired a GM, Hell would freeze over, the oceans would boil and every WhoDey Revolution writer's head would explode simultaneously.