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Real Football Talk with Recap

We had a special show over the Fourth of July weekend. While there were fireworks and free concerts on Sunday, David Kubicki, who is campaigning to get former Bengals quarterback Ken Anderson into the NFL Hall of Fame, and writer Geoff Hobson were nice enough to take time out of their busy holiday weekend schedules to join us to chat about the Bengals for a while. It was also special because it was the first show that was sponsored by Art of Smiles Dentistry, transforming smiles into beautiful works of art.

First, Dave, Joe and I discussed the possibility of Terrelle Pryor finding his way on the Bengals roster via the supplemental draft. We talked about how the possible forced spending rules in the new CBA could affect Bengals owner Mike Brown and we also continued the debate about whether or not the Bengals should start rookie quarterback Andy Dalton when the season starts.

When David Kubicki called in, he spoke about the reasons he believes Anderson should be in the hall of fame, siting the years he should have been MVP, or at least a pro bowler, but was snubbed, and how he completely changed the way quarterbacks in the NFL play football.

Geoff Hobson agreed with Kubicki about Anderson belonging in the HOF when he called in. He also stated that even though he is a team employee and cannot speak to players during the lockout, he is reading everything that we are and all signs point to a 2011 season without Carson Palmerand without Chad Ochocinco.

He also told us what the most important things are for the Bengals to do once the lockout is lifted.

"Re-sign Johnathan Joseph," Hobson said. "And right close behind there, they should re-signCedric Benson. We've been spoiled now since '06 and '07 with guys names Joseph and [Leon] Hall, but we know what it's like around here when you don't have any corners. I think there's three major factors that helped Mike Zimmer change the culture of this defense. The first one is obviously himself. The second one, I think, is signing Dhani Jones and the third one is having those two great corners."

Before I give the entire show away, though, why don't you give it a listen for yourself.

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