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Brad Johansen And Anthony Munoz To Call Bengals Preseason Games

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According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Brad Johansen will return to the booth to call Bengals games. Instead of calling the regular season games for the Bengals radio network, Johansen will call the team's preseason games for Local 12.

Johansen will be joined by Anthony Munoz, who has been apart of the Bengals preseason games on television since 1997. Munoz was teamed with Paul Keels from 2000 through 2009 until Dan Hoard took over in 2010.

It was recently announced that Hoard will be replacing Johansen for the Bengals radio network during the regular season this year. Even though the team didn't offer a reason for letting Johansen go, the Cincinnati Enquirer's Jim Kiesewetter explained:

Because of the "two really good options," the former Fox 19 sports director working as a free-lancer offered "a lot more flexibility for our website and social media" than the Johansen, who has a full-time job as Channel 12 sports director, explains Vince Cicero, Bengals corporate sales, marketing and broadcasting director.

Personally, we didn't understand the move. Not that we have anything against Hoard, but the Johansen/Dave Lapham team were great, both bringing levels of excitement that can only be compared to the most rambunctious fans.