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Carson Palmer To Participate In This Year's American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament

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If the franchise quarterback isn't traded, then Carson Palmer will simply retire. And if this is the first time you've heard about it, then we're really pleased that your trip back to planet Earth was a safe journey. With retirement on the horizon, we have to admit, Palmer is doing it the right way. Totally loaded (thanks Mr. Brown), big house on the West Coast, tons of time with the kids to watch them grow and golf tournaments on the itinerary.

Soon to be former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer is scheduled to participate during this year's American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament. The tournament will take place from July 15-17 at Edgewood Golf Course in Tahoe, Nevada. The tournament will be shown on Versus from 4-7 pm on Versus on July 15 with NBC taking over on Saturday (July 16) and Sunday (July 17) from 3-6 pm.

If you're hoping to score an interview during the golf outing, then it's most likely Palmer won't bother. During the Cox Celebrity Golf Classic in May, Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter tried to ask Palmer questions about his intent to retire. Palmer simply told Trotter he's on "media hiatus."