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Bengals Early Bird Special

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had an eventful weekend.

 I'm back and kicking everyone! No I did not fall off the face of the Earth. I had surgery earlier in the week and was recovering from it. But now I'm doing much better. Then again it depends on how one defines better. Physically? Yes I am doing a lot better. Mentally? Not so much, but that's because of Mike Brown and all of the idiotic things that he has done over the past week.

He finally traded Ochocinco, but it was to the New England Patriots. And I hate the Patriots. What I despise even more is the fact that Brown traded Ochocinco for a fifth and sixth round pick. Wasn't he offered a first and third round pick two years ago by the Redskins? Why would Brown do that?!!?!? Please don't answer that. It was a rhetorical question.

Then Brown has the nerve to let our type cornerback leave via free agency? Wait, didn't the Bengals have $36 million cap space before the trade of Ochocinco, the release of Odom, and letting Palmer walk? Why did the Bengals drag their feet through the mud on that? Wasn't Joseph considered a "top priority"? Again, don't answer that, it's rhetorical.

As for Carson Palmer, really Brown? You're not going to trade him and get what you can for him? I'm sure Palmer could have yielded two high-to-mid level draft picks. I'm sad to see the Palmer era end this way. He did so much for this team during his career. Some good, some bad. But that's going to happen, unless you're Peyton Manning or Drew Brees, (Forget Brady. I can't stand that Justin Bieber wannabe.)

The only move that has made sense to me during this past week was the release of Antwan Odom. I was excited when the Bengals first signed him, but he fell well short of expectations. Thus meaning it was time to move on.

Maybe Mike Brown needs to realize that the Bengals need a general manager. It is imperative for the franchise that Brown let someone else (who actually has football knowledge) run the operations for this franchise. Otherwise we're never going to reach the Super Bowl, yet alone the playoffs until Brown is no longer the owner.

End of rant.

Alright here's a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from the weekend.