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Injury Update: Cornerback Jonathan Wade Out, Tight End Garrett Miles In A Walking Boot

For the first time this season the Cincinnati Bengals are sporting full pads during practice this morning. Hats and shoulder pads ruled (or ruined?) the day this weekend, but because the Collective Bargaining Agreement forced teams to cut double-practices and limit full pads, Cincinnati has to pick and choose when they're going on out with full contact.

It's a mark of contention that was demanded by the players during the negotiation for the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Some say it will make the players soft, others worry that the quality of the sport will lower.

All of the remains to be seen.

In the meantime the Bengals are practicing this morning. Along with your standard players being out (Adam Jones, Pat Sims, Keith Rivers, Roddrick Muckelroy), cornerback Jonathan Wade, who hurt his shoulder Sunday afternoon, is out. Tight end Garrett Mills was in a walking boot this morning and as expected Bernard Scott is out with a tight hamstring.